Credit Lines and credit cards-easy ways to grow your business.

Have a personal credit score of 680 or more?
Get up to $150k in business credit cards.

How it works.

Our business credit card program leverages your personal credit to open business credit lines using your company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)-not your social security number.

Your company can qualify for credit lines with:

  • No Collateral

  • No Cash Flow

  • No Bank Statements or financials

  • No Income Requirement

  • No Business Plan

  • No Time In Business Requirement

  • No Tax Returns

Our credit program includes:

  • Easy Qualifying Process

  • Rates 0% APR typically for 6 – 18 months

  • Lines of credit offered in 20 Business days or less

  • Start-up businesses and Non-profits may apply

*other guidelines apply